Alicia Artist Photo.jpg

Alicia Schultz is an artist living and making in Portland, Oregon. Originally from the Kansas, she moved to New York City to live and explore with her husband before they settled down in the PNW to have children.

Alicia spent years dabbling in art, hours and hours in the art museums of NYC, and even took a few figure drawing classes at the Art Students' League. Yet, in those years, she was too hesitant and afraid to make bad art, so her art making was stuck at a very basic level. After having her first child, she got braver (& also precious with the little time she had for herself) and began making art - first with calligraphy, then hand lettering, then painting.

Now, Alicia doesn't let a day pass without making art. She does a variety of forms of art including drawing, illustration, hand lettering, stationery design, and art journaling. She licenses stationery designs through Allport Editions and Minted. She makes sure she spends a little time each day experimenting, drawing, hand lettering, or painting in her sketchbook or on her iPad Pro. 

Alicia also enjoys teaching, which doesn't come as a surprise because it was her first career, but now, instead of 4th graders inside an elementary classroom, she enjoys teaching artists and creators.