Newsletter Vol. 3 :: Reflections on the December Art Journaling Workshop


Last month, we spent a weekend with friends on a little mini vacation in Washington state, and over dinner the first evening, as we were discussing my work, one friend mentioned creativity was a use it or lose it type of thing. This made me stop for a moment. It reminded me of the idea of some people having creativity (like being born with red hair or brown eyes or the ability to curl your tongue) and some people don't. 

Many people agree with these statements, but I cannot agree with either idea. I think we all have creativity, and I also believe creativity is like riding a bike. You'll always have it -- even if you are a little rusty, after a little practice and consistency (& probably creating some ugly stuff), something will start to feel good again. (I even created an art journal spread about this here.

Dec2017 page 3.jpg

Over the last few weeks, I had the lucky opportunity to share my art journaling process with 9 eager artists in my first solo art journaling workshop. It was a 2-part series, and a perfect intimate setting for sharing my art journaling journey and experiencing these artists in their own journey. 

The above spread is in the art journal I created for the workshop. It is difficult to read the pink words on the right side of the spread, but they say: What looks like mud a few moments ago soon starts to look like flowers. Words similar to these were said by Lucinda, one of the students in my class. I instantly liked these words -- so often, the work I am creating in my art journal goes through a stage of mud, but if I keep with it, it soon looks like flowers

Dec 2017 Teaching Photo.jpg

One of my goals in my workshop, is to share my process and to inspire artists to find a way to make art journaling a part of their lives. Between the first class and the second class, one student came back and shared how she found an unused desk in her home and moved it to a space that was easier to access and use for art journaling (& she art journaled!!) In both classes, everyone filled the whole time creating, and we all left with many art journaling spreads completed! I think we also left wishing for more time (even though both nights ended up going over in time!!) 

IMG_0354 2.JPG

From this workshop, I realized I want to be doing so many more! I want to connect with more art journalers and wanna-be art journalers and artists! Since the class finished up last week, I have been deep in research and planning for an online art journaling workshop. I have a lot of behind-the-scenes work to do on this project, but I am SO excited for what will come in 2018! 

I have many questions to answer as I plan... Do I want one big class or many small ones? What downloadable materials do I want to create & share? Will it be a short access or a lifetime access class? What type of community do I want to create for students to connect with each other? And the list goes on!

In 2018, you will likely be hearing more from me about the online class. I will hopefully have a few more in-person class offerings available in the coming year as well!

Dec2017 page 4.jpg

Here is where I will leave you. I hope your holiday season is shaping up to be an amazing one, and I look forward to reflecting on 2017 and goal setting for 2018 as this year closes and the new one begins! Much love to you and wishes for happy holidays!

As always, I'm so happy to be sending this your way! Feel free to hit reply and send me a note back (especially if you have any thoughts or feedback for what you love in an online class!!!) 

Thank you for your support!

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