Season of Fairy Tales: Week 4

Last week was week 4 of the Get Messy Season of Fairy Tales. Here are the pages I created as part of week 4.

Fairy Tale 1.jpg

I spent this week being sick, so my pages were done on the last day. The first page I did is actually in the last page of my art journal. (I skip around sometimes when I'm art journaling so I don't feel pressure about where a page is going in the order -- especially for the first pages of the journal! Anyone else do this?) I wanted to end my art journal with this thought, and I had actually planned to do this page on the last day, but since I had the idea and this week was a little short on energy and creativity with being under the weather, I just went ahead and made that page spread now! 

The next page spread below is from the fairy tale "The Three Feathers." I'm finding so many of these stories to be so odd. I pulled this thought from the story, but honestly, I'm not even sure if this is the right idea! Ha! Nevertheless, this is maybe the thought I want to get from the story! 

Fairy Tale 2.jpg