iPad Pro Tips & Resources

I have been working digitally using an iPad Pro & Apple Pencil for almost 2 years now. In this time, I've been learning how I can make it work for me to digitize my art to be used in various products including stationery, art, tea towels, logos, patterns, and more. I originally got the iPad Pro to make digitizing lettering easier, but I now use it also for creating illustrations and patterns as well. More and more artists are getting the iPad Pro, and I've sent out a similar email to a handful of people sharing resources and information I have found for using the iPad Pro. I wanted to put it in a post for others to use as well! 

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A few things I would suggest -

1. Use procreate! I love so many elements of it. The layers, the brushes you can download, and the many different capabilities and options. 

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2. If you have photoshop brushes - I've recently read you can save them in the cloud and then use them in the photoshop drawing apps. I haven't tried but need to check this out.... It's definitely new and something I thought a while back that they should add. 

3. You can do your collages using some of the apps you love + procreate.

4. When I'm starting a piece of artwork digitally, I will often draw it on paper first, add it into procreate, take down the opacity and then use the sketch as a reference for making the art digital. It's helped me learn how to draw on the iPad. I then make changes and edits digitally. 

5. On procreate, double tap means undo. I use it so much that I even double tap my sketchbook sometimes when I'm actually drawing.... :P

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Here are some links for resources I've found helpful for using the iPad Pro and Procreate. Some of them are more for lettering, because that is a big part of the work I do on the iPad Pro, but they aren't all lettering resources. 

 This is a peek at something I made on the iPad that was turned into a product!

This is a peek at something I made on the iPad that was turned into a product!

One thing I've mentioned to most people who are just getting the iPad Pro is: Expect to not like it immediately! There's a learning curve for most people I've talked to (including myself), but with continued practice, experimenting, and learning, you'll likely love it in no time!

There are many more resources available, but for now, I am going to end this post. I do plan to come back and update and would love to hear any tips or resources you've found to be extra helpful to add to this post! Feel free to share with me!