30 Paintings in 30 Days

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but we're going with it! At the end of August, I started seeing people mentioning the #30paintingsin30days challenge that would be starting on September 1st. I love a daily challenge & especially shorter ones that I can focus on something specific. The 100 day project that starts in the spring every year is one of my favorites, and I did just finish up a 30 days of art journaling challenge I started following this summer's art journaling workshop.

However, while I like the idea of making 30 paintings in 30 days, I realized this just wasn't realistic for my life this September. I talked myself out of the project... and then I got on Instagram, and talked myself right back into the project! I did some brainstorming about what the project could look like, then I considered what was realistic in my life right now, and I came up with a plan. I do want to paint more. I would LOVE to fill some panels and make some paintings too, and a 30 day project of doing one everyday could take away some of the fear I have that seems to hold me back from painting on a panel. BUT, I can't realistically do one everyday. I also have a few different ways of painting that I'd like to experiment with: illustrations with painted elements, abstract art, floral paintings... 

Taking everything into consideration, I came up with a plan: 

  • Make a painting everyday for the month of September
  • Use my sketchbook for illustrative paintings and practice
  • Experiment with acrylic, acrylagouache, and gouache
  • Paint panels when time allows (especially 2-4 for an upcoming show in October)
  • Try to paint at least 1 panel a week
  • When time is short, limit paint colors to keep it simple
  • Pull ideas from old sketchbooks if needed

So it looks like I'm jumping in! Here's a peek at the first day's painting for the #30paintingsin30days project. I'll be sharing more on my Instagram! (Link in the bar at the top of the page!)