Check In :: 30 Paintings in 30 days

This blog is coming to you a week into November. I've wrapped up Inktober (which was a daily ink drawing challenge for the month of October) and am now into the next challenge: 30 paintings in 30 days. I shared some of my thoughts about this new project before I even started it during the last week of October in a previous post (well, technically, I had kind of started it, because that's how I tend to roll when I decide to do daily projects!) 

SQUARE Mockup floral 3.jpg

As I shared in my last post, this project has stirred up some pretty uncomfortable feelings. Doubt, imposter syndrome, insecurities from not "knowing" what I'm doing... I often don't feel the way I did going into new projects. If I'm being honest, it's a pretty unpleasant place to be, and I'm still not even sure if moving forward with it despite the feelings of discomfort is a good idea or a horrible one. I have a feeling, though, that even if the end result isn't exactly what I imagine (which it probably won't be), I'll definitely grow by doing something that scares me, makes me squirm and feel uncomfortable. 

Going into this project, I am reminding myself of a dream I had recently. In my dream, I pulled out some of my artwork to reference for another project. Someone at the table with me asked to see it (as in hold it in their hands) but they promptly stopped, saying they didn't want to mess it up. And my dream self responded to them to go ahead hold it, look at it, experience it. I assured them that I was not precious with my work, that mostly, I just wanted to get my work out, to get it made. With this project, I have set it up so I am not precious with my paintings.

My big goal for this project is to let myself play and experiment. My high pressure goal for this project is to figure out (at least a little more) what "my art" looks like and if painting abstracts is something I can "own" as an artist. Do I think I'll have all the answers in 30 days? NO, highly unlikely. But I should learn a few things. I should get an idea about what feels good and what doesn't in my art work. I should also gain some confidence because I am doing the same thing over and over for the whole month. 

I hope you will approach your art with the goal of MAKING & not feeling too precious. I hope you will do a project that scares you a little and makes you feel uncomfortable for the sake of growing as an artist. Let's all work to get our art made!

I plan to share some of the paintings throughout the month on my Instagram and would love for you to follow along.