A House is not a Home Without Plants: A Collaboration

A few months back, I had the opportunity to start a collaborative art journal with two amazing artists, Jennifer Bilton and Lauren Caterson. Through messages back and forth, we came up with a list of themes. Funny enough, I suggested HOME, even though I wasn't at all inspired by it. Both Jennifer and Lauren liked that one the best, and I, at first dragging my feet, agreed to it. My first instinct was to convince them to do something else, but then I reminded myself that it can be fun to exercise a little creative problem solving now and again. How could I turn this theme into something I would be inspired by? 

I thought about home, about my home... and my house plants popped into mind. I've been working diligently to expand my house plant collection (despite the fact that I have to put them all up high out of the reach of my 1 year old!) Over the last year, I've been working to keep my plants alive, propagate plants I already own, and to add new ones in. (This article is justifying my expansion of house plants, in case you need an excuse to grow your house plant collection!) And so the theme for my journal in this collaborative swap was born: A House is not a Home without Plants. 


Here are the pages, complete for now:

Photos of each spread for a more detailed look. There are some spots in the art journal where I know distinctly which artist did the art, and others where I'm not sure (& even a spot where I can't remember if I did it or if another artist did it!) 


Do you have house plants? What one is your favorite? Any in particular that you would recommend I add to my collection?